April 15, 2024

OpenAI Considers the Launch of an App Store: Report

June 23, 2023 279 0

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is reportedly considering the launch of an app store specifically designed for AI software. This initiative aims to provide a platform for developers and researchers to distribute and monetize their AI applications. The app store would offer a centralized hub for users to discover and access a wide range of AI-powered solutions.

Enterprise customers using ChatGPT often tailor the technology to their specific uses, which range from identifying financial fraud from online transaction data to answering questions about specific markets based on internal documents. According to the news report, makers of such models could offer them to other businesses through OpenAI's proposed marketplace.

Such a marketplace could compete with app stores run by some of the company's customers and technology partners - including Salesforce and Microsoft - and help OpenAI's technology reach a broader customer base.

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