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Gravity Launches Mobile Idle Relaxing Game ‘WITH: Whale In The High’ for the Global Region!

June 30, 2023 95 0

Seoul, South Korea:  Gravity (NASDAQ: GRVY), a global game company, opens its official global service for ‘WITH: Whale In The High’, a mobile relaxing idle game, on June 29th.

‘WITH: Whale In The High (WITH)’ is a mobile relaxing idle game published by Gravity and developed by Skywalk, a mobile game developer. In WITH, the main story unfolds after the main character, Wiz, winds up on the back of a whale by accident.

Users can decorate the Wiz village to their tastes with the main content such as hideout expansion and Wiz decoration while playing the game. Numerous contents including interacting with whales, decorating aquariums, taking pictures, etc., and trendy expressions of each Wiz’s characteristics using MBTI are expected to deliver a variety of entertainment.

The beautiful pastel-colored graphics and high-quality background music further spotlight the peaceful charm of the game. WITH provides services in a total of 13 languages, including English, Korean, and Japanese, with the aim of targeting the global market.

In celebration of the official launch of the WITH for the global region, Gravity provides rewards such as “Crocodile costume sets,” pets, and jewels for Wiz decoration to all users who access the game. Furthermore, various in-game events, including “WITH Festa Event,” will be held to offer abundant benefits.

Kenneth Noh, Global Mobile Business Team Lead at Gravity, said, “In an effort to reward the support from users around the world, we made our utmost efforts in preparing for the launch of WITH for the global region. As WITH provides relaxing elements and various entertainment, we hope that users can escape from exhausting daily routines and chill out at the end of the day while playing WITH. We are kindly asking for great attention and interest."

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