April 15, 2024

Vanpowers Launches UrbanGlide in Europe

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FRANKFURT, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vanpowers officially announced the European launch of its latest e-bike, UrbanGlide — a precision-built, high torque, smooth-powered bike with a 500-watt motor designed for metro commuters and capable of traveling 110 kilometers on a single charge.

The UrbanGlide-Ultra is now available for pre-order for the early-bird price of €2,599.

The connected, intelligent e-bike can be experienced for the first time in Europe in person at EUROBIKE in Frankfurt between June 21st through June 25th at Hall 8.0 H32.

“We created UrbanGlide specifically for commuters navigating the concrete jungle,” said Darik Duan, chief of research and development at Vanpowers. “This is their tool--and toy. Every component--from the hydraulic brakes, powerful motor, the suspension fork, the ultra-comfortable suspension seatpost and saddle, the long-range battery, etc—was carefully considered. We are proud to have created a safe, reliable, cutting-edge e-bike that city dwellers will prefer to their cars.”

The following are key details about the UrbanGlide:

  • Low cross frame and low step point are user-friendly, suitable for people of different ages and different body types
  • 500W motor and sensitive torque sensor deliver quick acceleration and make the ride easy and smooth
  • Battery charges to 90% in four hours
  • Suspension seatpost with pressure-relieving saddle for ultra rider comfort
  • Suspension front fork filters out vibrations and softens the impact of the road conditions
  • Adjustable handlebar with 0-90 degree adjustment angle
  • Lighting function for night riding
  • UrbanGlide’s app allows riders to plan their routes, as well as track their speed, distance traveled, and calories burned

About Vanpowers

Founded in 2021 and run by a group of creative and conscientious cycling enthusiasts, Vanpowers has set the standard high for e-bikes. In addition to UrbanGlide, Vanpowers sells four other e-bikes, which are sold worldwide. With supply chains and local warehouses across the US, UK and Europe, Vanpowers offers fast shipping with deliveries usually taking between 3 to 7 days. For more information, please visit www.vanpowers.com.

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